Fisheries Technologies

Fisheries Technologies is an Icelandic company specializing in the field of fisheries management on a governmental level.  The company main focus is on data collection procedures and related information systems.  Over the last few decades, our fisheries experts have worked as employees for the Icelandic authorities and played a key role in the development and operation of the successful Icelandic fisheries management system.  

In addition to developing practical solutions our experts have also worked as key experts on several projects in the developing countries. This has provided us with a good perspective and understanding of the challenges that fisheries management throughout the world faces.

Data collection plays a vital role in any fisheries management system.  Our solutions include all procedures and systems necessary for gathering and measuring information on targeted variables in an established systematic fashion.  This enables our customers to capture quantitative or qualitative evidence that then translates to accurate data analysis and allows the building of a convincing and credible answer to questions that have been posed.

Sustainable fisheries is an assignment confronted by fishing nations throughout the world. The goal of sustainable fisheries is to ensure maximum fishing effort without overexploitation of natural resources, thus, promoting sustainability of fisheries and posterity of our future generations.

Modern fisheries management is a rather recent sector on a governmental level. Its origins can be traced to the first convention on the subject, held in London 1936. Ever since, fishing nations have tried to master the field of fisheries management ,often with limited results.


Iceland is among the most successful nations in the field of sustainable fisheries. The Icelandic fisheries management system now boasts clearly stated fisheries policy, comprehensive marine research and effective fisheries control.

The fisheries management system provides the Icelandic authorities with a clear perspective of the fisheries, timely and precise information of its progress, together with updated economic data.


 The state of fisheries governance in the developing countries is generally poor and the need for effective solutions is urgent.

Our company has now developed solutions in the form of processes, information systems and training that can be systematically applied where needed.

This is how we can help the developing countries reforming their fisheries management systems in more efficient ways than ever before.

As the developing countries attain better control of their fisheries management, a more detailed version of our solutions, which contains more extensive fisheries management processes and information systems, can easily be added.



Meet The Experts

Our fisheries experts have more than 70 years combined experience in implementing fisheries management solution and fisheries management reform.

Mr. Vilhálmur Hallgrímsson is Fisheries Technologies Managing director.  Vilhjálmur is a specialist in fisheries management solutions and has worked for the Directory of Fisheries in Iceland and the Icelandic Marine Research Institute.  Vilhjálmur has also worked on fisheries reform projects in Africa.

Mr. Baldvin R. Baldvinsson has worked in the field of fisheries management since 1990 and extensive experience in developing software solutions both for the Directory of Fisheries in Iceland and the Icelandic Marine Research Institute. Mr. Baldvinsson has also worked on several fisheries reform projects in the developing countries.

Mr. Sveinn Halldór Oddsson Zoëga is Fisheries Technologies senior developer and system architect.  Sveinn has extensive experience in developing software solutions both for the Directory of Fisheries in Iceland and the Icelandic Marine Research Institute.

Mr. Gísli Rúnar Gíslason is MPA graduate Public Administration Specialist and a District Court lawyer.  Gísli adminstered the  Directory of Fisheries legal department for many years.