Fleet Management

 The Fisheries Manager includes a national vessel registry where individual vessels are registered along with their key information. Vessel registration is the process by which a ship is documented and given the nationality of the country. It provides the ability to determine which country’s laws govern the operation of the ship and the conduct of its crew.

The vessel registry keeps a record of all fishing and non-fishing vessels, providing each vessel with a unique identification number which should be prominently displayed on the vessel and is required to appear in all vessel documentation. The Fisheries Manager also keeps current and historical records of ownership, vessel operators, home ports, crew, and fishing licenses.  Fishing licenses and various certificates are generally issued to fishing vessels. For more advanced and granular control please refer to The Fleet Manager Pro.The Fleet Manager Pro serves as a comprehensive national vessel registry intended for industrial countries. The system not only keeps international vessel numbers and call signs, it also assigns unique national registration numbers and district codes to each vessel. The system describes each vessel in detail and keeps records on various vessel attributes which may be required for inspection on a regular basis. When used in the industry track The Fleet Manager Pro can easily be used to schedule maintenance for any vessel part such as hull, engines, propellers safety equipment and more.The system includes the all-important vessel dimensions, capacity, inspection schedules, maintenance records ownership, and a crew registry. The system issues various vessel documents, licenses, and certificates and monitors their expiration dates.



The system is fully FAO Global Record compatible. Data exchange to the Global Record is encapsulated and handled in the PSMA data sharing layer and a high level of configuration allows port states to configure reporting contents and delivery schedules.




A collection of fisheries management related processes developed in the field in Iceland and by other fisheries nations for the past twenty years.

Information Systems

The FishTech Enterprise Suite is a cloud-based collection of applications, used for day-to-day operations.


Assessments, project management, implementation, follow-ups and training of fisheries experts.