The FishTech Enterprise Suite

The Enterprise Suite is a centralized information system that retains all information regarding the fisheries management system in one place.

The system comprises 23 software modules, each of which has its specific function in the fisheries management. The software modules work in synergy and together they create a unique perspective and control on fisheries. This gives the system's operators a broad view with the ability to zoom in for further scrutiny which enables them to analyze and react to any deviations in a timely manner. The system is controlled by business rules as defined by the FishTech Processes.
The Enterprise Suite platform is a highly configurable, extensible and easy-to-use cloud application platform built on an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure. The system is accessible via browser allowing it to be used on desktop and smart devices such as phones and tablets. The app-like design makes it possible for selected components to operate temporarily in places without access to the Internet. The components synchronizes the data with the main system when the network becomes available again. This enables inspectors and data collectors to use the system in remote locations.

The Enterprise Suite has an attractive and effective user interface

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The Enterprise Suite has an attractive and effective user interface for manual data input and an emphasis is placed on automating data collection where possible.

Web services allow the Enterprise Suite to exchange large quantities of data with other software systems over the Internet, e.g. fish processing plants, fish grading machines, fisheries log books, fish markets, banking institutions and accounting systems. Instead of spending time on manual registration, the supervisors can focus on quality control and data analysis.

The data from the Enterprise Suite conforms to international standards, where applicable, as it facilitates communication and reporting to other systems and institutions such as the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

A General Solution

The FishTech Enterprise Suite is the most powerful information system designed for fisheries management. It is the first out-of-the-box solution that has been specifically designed for fisheries management on a governmental level.

The Enterprise Suite is designed and developed by experts with decades' worth of field experience. The system is highly customizable and can easily be adapted to different requirements of fisheries nations. To ensure the system always meets with evolving requirements in the field of fisheries management and technology, system updates are released regularly.

Being an effective fisheries management system, The FishTech Enterprise Suite gives its operators correct and timely information to the system's managers, which in turn gives them the opportunity to react quickly where needed.