FishTech Processes

The Processes are a collection of effective and field tested processes based on best practices that have evolved in Iceland and elsewhere for well over 20 years. They define a workflow actions, dependencies and sequence.  Well defined processes improve productivity across the organization and bring an overall conformity, consistency and structure to the fisheries management system. The Processes are based on the legal framework and work culture in different fishing nations. They are deployed in the FishTech Enterprise Suite as business rules.

Clear and concise processes are well suited to convey knowledge from one country to another in a precise and organized manner. Uniform concepts and methodology increase understanding, facilitate communication and create common ground for fisheries experts around the world. The Processes deliver specific outcome and their effectiveness and influence can be measured in the fisheries management system.  



The processes are issued in the form of a flow chart. Furthermore, each step is described in detail in an accompanying documentation.  A Key Process Area (KPA) is a cluster of related practices in an area that, when implemented collectively, satisfies a set of goals. The Processes contain 19 KPAs with stated main objectives





Each process contains a definition of function and responsibility where:

  • Process owners are responsible for ensuring that the process is fit for the purpose, performs as documented and is subjected to continual improvements. 
  • Process managers are responsible for the operational management of a process which includes coordination of activities, monitoring, reporting and identifying improvement opportunities. 
  • Process partitioners are responsible for carrying out one or more process activities.