The FishTech Services

Assessments, project management, implementation, follow-up and training of professionals in fisheries management.


Fisheries Technologies administers assessments of fisheries management systems outside Iceland. Our team of experts work with key professionals in each country assessing the existing infrastructure. Key elements of the framework are examined and evaluated, e.g. fisheries policies, legal framework, fisheries control, marine research, information systems and procedures. The assessment discloses the current situation of the fisheries management and the outcome is then projected into The FishTech Framework. Following gap analysis, an evaluation is performed on which factors of the fisheries management need support and the outcome is developed into an operation- and time schedule.


Project management

We undertake project management and can provide leadership in reform implementation following an assessment. During such projects, our experts work with key professionals in each country in question on implementation and improvement. New technology and procedures call for new methods, thus, education and training of staff is a vital part of the implementation.

Follow-up and maintanance

It takes time to master new technology and incorporate new procedures into the work culture. Therefore regularly scheduled audits, follow-ups and support calls are an important part of the overall implementation to verify and confirm that the new processes are being followed and the overall system is working properly at all times.

Quality of service is of great importance to us. Following the on-site implementation, customers can easily get assistance via our online support system. Teleconferences or on-site services with our experts can be arranged as needed.