A fully integrative PSMA IT solution


The FAO Port State Measures Agreement (PSMA) requires member states to implement robust port state measures to block the flow of IUU-caught fish into national and international markets. 


What is the PSMA system?

The PSMA IT solution is a simple yet powerful, cost effective and efficient solution supporting the full PSMA value chain from the vessel requesting access to a port to reporting to the FAO Global Record database.  

The PSMA tool ensures that port managers and personnel in each port always has the best overview possible for arrivals and departures for both local and foreign vessels and manages the collaboration between vessels, ports, flag states and others who need to work together in order to block the flow of IUU-caught fish into national and international markets.


Why the PSMA system?

In order to fight IUU-caught fishing and prevent it from reaching markets, relevant stakeholders need to collaborate and work together to ensure good results. The system provides excellent support to the PSMA value chain and manages the collaboration between vessels, ports, flag states and other stakeholders.

As a cloud solution the PSMA offers high adaptability and the system available from any computer, any device, anytime and anywhere. The system is highly configurable, multilingual, easy to use and designed with everyday language and user tips built right in.

The PSMA solution may significantly help lowering initial investment cost and technical barriers otherwise imposed resulting in much faster delivery of validated data into Global Record. This, among other things, creates robustness and helps lowering the learning curve and set-up costs.



The system is fully FAO Global Record compatible. Data exchange to the Global Record is encapsulated and handled in the PSMA data sharing layer and a high level of configuration allows port states to configure reporting contents and delivery schedules.




A collection of fisheries management related processes developed in the field in Iceland and by other fisheries nations for the past twenty years.

Information Systems

The FishTech Enterprise Suite is a cloud-based collection of applications, used for day-to-day operations.


Assessments, project management, implementation, follow-ups and training of fisheries experts.