The FishTech Framework

The FishTech Framework is our core solution, a model which explains the structure of effective fisheries management systems and their function.

Included is everything that is needed from assessment to consultation on implementing fisheries management policy, defining the legal framework as well as consultation on implementing fisheries control, marine research, information systems and training of a multidisciplinary staff.

With the introduction of the FishTech Framework it is now for the first time possible to transfer the highly specialized knowledge and experience of Iceland in the area of fisheries management in an effective and cost-effective manner.


The FishTech Framework is comprised of the following components 


A collection of fisheries management related processes developed in the field in Iceland and by other fisheries nations for the past twenty years.

Information Systems

The FishTech Enterprise Suite is a cloud-based collection of applications, used for day-to-day operations.


Assessments, project management, implementation, follow-ups and training of fisheries experts.